Florence, Italy

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I Maledetti Toscani

 Panini shop in Florence. This place was run by a huge man that looked like Santa Claus. I hope he’s still there! It’s a teeny hole in the wall with very fresh cheeses and meats. The bread is fabulous. Delicious to take on the go! (trip advisor)

Trattoria la Casalinga (incredibly inexpensive)

Order everything you can and try it all! It’s a favorite for locals to just go and sit for hours. The tortellini is a favorite with the locals 🙂 And the wine is super cheap!
Via dei Michelozzi, 9r, closed Sundays (on the other side of the River near Pitti Palace)


This place is pretty casual and in a great, young area with a lot of little food markets and constant activity, especially in the evenings.
Via dei Macci, 113r, closed Sundays (in center near Santa Croce)

Borgo Antico 

ORDER RAVIOLI. They have this special amaretto cream sauce on the ravioli that I cannot figure out how they make. Sit outside. It’s in a really cute piazza. GREAT pizza too! They have free WiFi if you need it as well, which was often helpful.
Piazza Santo Spirito, 6r (on the other side of the River near Pitti Palace)

Antico Noe

Take away panini- best panini you will ever have in your life. My favorite is the Number 9

Also, there is a guy that works there named Luca… he has huge muscles and a big tattoo of the giglio (lily) of Florence on his arm. Tell him you are friends with Elsa from the United States. He will remember!! This place is in a cool little alley way. A lot of Americans have found it, so it’s pretty popular. It really is so incredibly good. Their restaurant side is also great, but a little pricey in comparison to these other places I’m telling you about. Volta di San Piero, 6r (in center)


Ristorante Enoteca Natalino

Awesome sandwiches, very different from Antico Noe, and amazing.

They also have great ribollita, which is a Tuscan-style, white bean soup. The shop is cute with a couple little benches outside and a table inside for sitting to eat. Gabriella is the woman that runs it. Last I remember she was very young and pretty! The bread is delicious! Borgo degli Albizi, 17 (in center) – right around the corner from Antico Noe

La Giostra 

Sit down dinner… more upscale

ORDER PECORINO AND PEAR RAVIOLI. Make a reservation! This place is famous in the US, so that’s why the prices are a little higher. The quality of food is excellentone of more famous restaurants in florence. – Borgo Pinti, 12r (in center)

Il Latini

Delicious family style. Make a reservation! This place is a lot of fun when you have a bunch of people because they just bring out everything they’re making that night for you to eat. And they keep jugs of red wine on everyone’s tables and continue to refill them. They only charge you for the quantity you drink. It’s always an estimate, so the nicer and more fun you are, the less they will end up charging you 😀 There are dried meats hanging from the ceiling everywhere!


incredible aperitivo, which is an all-you-can-eat buffet of appetizer-type foods and one drink for the price of 8 euro)

Viale Antonio Gramsci, 5-red (near San Marco in center)

Acqua al due

MUST!!  Famous for its Bistecca Fiorentina (which is basically raw steak, barely cooked) Try the blueberry steak! 🙂 Reviews




Famous for its flavor “Crema di Grom”
Via delle Oche, 24r (in center, right around corner from Duomo)

Perche No

Famous for its flavor “Sesame and Honey”
Via dei Tavolini, 19r (in center, right around corner from Duomo)

I Vestri 

The most amazing chocolate, my favorite gelato place. My favorite flavors: cream with candied almond bits, chocolate with Sicilian pepperoncino, chocolate with Sicilian orange, pistachio
Borgo degli Albizi, 11 (in center)


another gelateria that’s very famous, but I haven’t gone many times


Espresso and cappuccino are good just about everywhere, but here are some favorites:

“La Terrazza”

which is on top of the department store “Rinascente” in Piazza della Repubblica. It has a great view of Piazza delle Repubblica and the Duomo



Delicious coffee and in Piazza della Repubblica

PLACES during the day

Il Mercato di San Lorenzo

Outdoor marketplace where you can get good, inexpensive leather and bargain a lot. You can really get great deals! There is also a huge food market called Mercato Centrale right in that area. It’s cool to go inside and watch the butchers at work! You can buy the freshest foods there!

Antica Cuoieria

In my opinion, some of the best leather shoes in Florence. http://www.anticacuoieriafirenze.it/it/  **Secret they have an outlet store around the corner**

L’Accademia: The David is in there


Santa Croce 


Piazzale Michelangelo

MUST gorgeous view of Florence. A perfect distance from the City center on foot and beautiful views along the way. Bring a bottle of wine and cheese and meat and sit on the steps when the sun goes down!


Mercato Centrale

This is the big fresh food market I was talking about earlier near San Lorenzo


Palazzo Pitti (Pitti Palace)

one of the famous Medici palaces which now has a ton of museums in it, in addition to the Boboli Gardens in the back

Boboli Gardens

Beautiful! Bring a picnic lunch (AND WINE)!


Piazza Santa Maria Novella and the Farmacia Santa Maria Novella

The pharmacy is a historic pharmacy with old apothecary bottles and beautiful medicines, perfumes and products in their little shop




Is a great club.. it started in Ibiza and they just opened one in NYC as well. There’s also a place called YAB, which we used to go to a lot. The Jersey Shore cast went to Club 21, and sometimes we would go there too. If you want to check out the outdoor club scene, FLO, which is slightly outside the center, is pretty awesome. Clubs change a lot though, so I’m not sure what’s still there. Pretty sure Space is at least because it’s super famous!


Gallo d’oro Hostel: 

Review: GREAT. Super clean. Amazing people that worked there. Always had snacks to grab. All in all great experience. If you are looking for more social I would look somewhere else but maybe that was just the room I was in. In a great location. I walked everywhere.

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Hi, I'm Danielle a traveling blogger who’s lucky enough to see the world. There are a lot of layers to this blog, which resembles me. Ultimately, this is a lifestyle blog balancing my life of travel, fashion, fitness, and everyday adventures. Welcome Abroad!